Registration Closing Times:

Times subject to change due to Same Day Registration

  • Old-time Style Pee-Wee 9:05am
  • Old-time Style Junior-Junior 10:00am
  • Old-time Style Junior 10:30am
  • Texas Style 1:00pm
  • Old-time Style Adult 1:45pm
  • Old-time Style Senior 2:20pm
  • Twin Fiddle 3:20pm
  • Waltz 3:45pm

Check the bulletin board in the Fiddle-Boss area frequently for Contestant numbers, Play Order and schedule changes.

The following chart shows the age bracket and registration fees for each division.

Age Bracket
Early Fee
Late Fee
Old-Time Style - Peewee
8 and under
Old-Time Style - Junior Junior
9 through 12
Old-Time Style - Junior
13 through 17

Old-Time Style - Adult
18 through 59
Old-Time Style - Senior
60 and up
Texas Style
All ages
All ages
Twin Fiddles
All ages
$10.00 each
 $15.00 each
All ages



*There is no charge for Accompanist when registered in another division.

Early Registration: Registration forms and payment must be received by March 27th, 2017 to be accepted for early registration. Use the Early Registration Form. Registration forms received after March 27th are considered late and are subject to the "same day" registration.

Same Day Registration: Same day registration extends from March 28th through contest day 2017. Registration fees during "same day" registration are higher than during early registration. Contestants may register for a division on contest day if that division is not closed. A division closes one hour before it is scheduled to begin competition or when the quota of contestants for that division has been reached, whichever comes first. Use the Same Day Registration Form.

Contestant Check-In: Doors open at 8:00 a.m. Contestants are encouraged to pick up their Contestant Packets at least 45 minutes before their division is scheduled to start. After check-in please proceed to the Fiddle Boss Staging Area. Tune sheets and the Round 1 playing order will be available at the Fiddle Boss staging area approximately 20 minutes before a division begins competition.

Pee Wee & Junior Junior division: Contestants who wish to compete in the Pee Wee or Junior Junior division on Saturday and have not registered will be allowed to do so beginning at 8:00 a.m. Pee Wee registration closes at 9:05 a.m.

Old-Time Style - Adult division: Contestants who wish to compete in the Old-Time Style - Adult division and have not registered will be allowed to do so beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Judges’ Meeting: Please attend the judges’ meeting in the auditorium each morning to have your technical questions answered.

Contest Results: Results are posted at the Fiddle Boss Staging Area. To avoid missing second or tie-breaker rounds, please check all posting boards before leaving the premises.

Judges’ Score Sheets: The judges’ score sheets will be available for pickup in the Fiddle Boss area immediately after the awards ceremonies. 

Family Tickets: Contestants’ family members may purchase advance discount tickets at $10 each. This discount is available from February 1st to March 27th, 2017, and is limited to 2 tickets per family. Please use the tickets section on the Early Registration form to order; tickets will be available when you check in.