Rebbeca is a master fiddler in both Celtic and Old Time fiddling. She started as a very young girl and progressed very rapidly. With a degree in music from Dominican College, she brings a vast knowledge of music in general and fiddling in particular. She performs locally and internationally with various and sundry luminaries of the traditional music world whether it be the old American square dance style of fiddling or the more progressive Celtic styles.



The judging panel consists of qualified musicians using blind judging. Judges do not see any contestant nor hear an introduction or commentary. Contestants are identified by number only.

There are three judges for fiddlers. Judges follow standardized guidelines used at most regional, state, and national fiddle contests. Performances are judged using traditional old-time fiddling criteria including authentic performance style, expression, timing control, rhythm suitability for selected tune, intonation, dance-ability, difficulty, overall execution, and appropriateness of accompaniment.

Contestants scores are tabulated using a computer program designed to aid the scoring process.

The Judges

Stacey Snodgrass:

Hailing from Hanford, California, Stacey Pagter Snodgrass has been playing the fiddle since the age of seven. Her uncle, Carl Pagter, introduced her family to old-time fiddle music, and Stacey began playing shortly afterwards. Growing up with parents who embraced the music as well, Stacey competed in contests throughout California, the western states, and Texas. Influenced by mentors Terry Morris and Joe Meadows, Stacey has a style that blends old-time, Texas, and bluegrass genres. Stacey has won numerous fiddling awards including the California State Championships and is the current Southern California Regional Open Champion. Happily married to her husband, John, for twenty-seven years, Stacey has three sons and is an elementary school teacher. One of Stacey’s life-long goals is to continue to share her passion and joy of music, performing locally and as a private music instructor.


Rebbeca Richman:

Gus Garelick is an outstanding fiddler, mandolin player, and teacher, specializing in
many styles, from Bluegrass to Zydeco, Classical to Jazz. He has been active in the
North Bay musical scene for over 30 years, has produced radio programs for KRCB FM
in Santa Rosa, and continues to write a regular column for The Fiddler Magazine. Gus
has been participating in the Cloverdale Fiddle Contest since its inception, and won top
prizes for many of those years. He plays fiddle in The Wild Catahoulas Cajun Band, The
Hot Frittatas Italian Trio, and other local bands. He also plays classical violin in the
Sonoma County Philharmonic and the Lake County Symphony.

Gus Garelick: